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Fastest way to find if an array contains any member of another array.The service authentication certificate available from the Customer Portal dashboard will be needed to communicate with the RapID service.Vulnerability Summary A vulnerability in Vigor ACS allows unauthenticated users to cause the product to execute arbitrary code.

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Extended maintenance of Ruby 1.9.3 ended on February 23, 2015.

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For security reasons,, File.binread, File.write, File.binwrite, File.foreach, and File.readlines.

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Neither Ruby nor any other common-use language will do it for you.

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The inventory data is being exported to an XML document using REXML.Extended maintenance of Ruby 1.9.3 ended on February 23, 2015. Read more. Ruby 1.9.3.Redmine users will need to create a new JIRA account to file.

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Commodore 64 Development Hello World My brother gave me a refurbished C64 for christmas.

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Use ruby to convert your. width = 300 # => width of resized raw image str = File.binread...

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Migrations can manage the evolution of a schema used by several physical databases.

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I have an issue where I have a string of arbitrary data in Ruby, which is encoded using ASCII-8BIT (the output from File.binread) that needs to be sent to another.

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A File is an abstraction of any file object accessible by the program and is closely associated with class IO.Use File.binread ( in 1.8) to bypass encoding errors. Fixed unified ruby changes.

Commits contributed by Aaron Patterson in the 4.0.0 release of Ruby on Rails More at. use File.binread to pull in the schema cache: a3dc8ba: 02 Apr 2012.OpenSSL CLI would decode it fine, but ruby kept throwing the same nested asn1 error that. Using File.binread will make sure you get the actual binary data of the.

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Opens the file, optionally seeks to the given offset, then returns length bytes (defaulting to the rest of the file). binread ensures the file is closed before returning.If you want bits, then you have to do both packing and unpacking manually.

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In this example, the service authentication certificate has been placed in a safe location on the webserver.Get the actual value of a boolean attribute. ruby,page-object-gem,rspec3,rspec-expectations.

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This issue tracker is now in read-only archive mode and automatic ticket export has been disabled.Collect, syntax-highlight, and print rubygems or local library code.

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